Stage 8, Al Dawadimi > Wadi Ad Dawasir

Monday 11.01.2022 - After the rest day, early in stage 7 (after 10 km from the start of the special) team 504 had an unfortunate encounter with a tricky sand bump leading the truck to fall on its's side. Despite the efforts of the assistance team that towed the truck back on its wheels, the time loss caused the team to finish in a 16th position. The truck lost front and side windows and the team had to wear their sand goggles to continue. The tire pressure system had a malfunction as well leading to the pilots to manually change the tire pressure before and every dune section. A heavy set back for the guys that still had a shot for the podium. During stage 8 they managed however to climb back from 16 to the 8th position at the finish line, placing them now 6th in the general standings.

With a few serious stages ahead, a lot can happen still, but the top 3 of the ranking is gonna be hard to get with the current 2h:11min time gap the current leader and 1h:30min behind the number 3. With 4 Kamaz trucks in the top 5 the 3 Kamaz leaders will also be heavily defending their positions.

Thumbs up thought for todays achievement and fingers crossed for the last 4 days.

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