Stage 7 - S. Juan de Marcona > S. Juan de Marcona

Liaison 395 km - Special 331 km

With his injured knee well taped and braced, Marcel had a good day. Painkillers made the start, adrenaline takes care of the rest. It was again a tough day, but navigation went well. "I am happy to be in before the dark" thus Snijders, who drank a coke during the race with race-leader Etienne Lavigne who landed his helicopter near our Dutch KTM rider to ask if he could use some refreshment. A welcome intermezzo in the dusty track day, but Snijders quickly return on his route to ensure finishing before the sun went down.

A ranking among the top 50 overall, which would under normal circumstances would have been possible, seems out of the order considering the state of his knee. The top 10 of the Male-moto class could be hard but achievable if all goes well the coming days. The only real target however is to finish the race.

Marcel is now ranked 77 overall and 15 in the Male-moto class.

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