Stage 3 - Podium finish!

On the 255 km special on January 4th Marcel Snijders and his team finished in a fantastic 3th position just 3 minutes behind the leader. With this fantastic result the team is moving the Iveco towards the top 5 of the rankings. In the overall standing they are now just over a minute away from the no. 5 Loprais.

Marcel reported from Al Qaisumah "We had a perfect day. The truck is very fast and Janus is driving like a real pro! We had no tire issues or any other problems, but we did break a window in the dunes due the heavy jumps we made". It is great to see how competitive the truck is compared to the Kamaz trucks who are currently leading the race with a no. 1,2,3 and 4th position. Tomorrow team 504 will start between them.

Foto: the Iveco truck in already moving forwards in the standings in stage 2

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