New KTM rally replica "Ready To Race"

Marcel Snijders rides the recently released 2019 new KTM 450 Rally Replica Limited Edition. A concept that is truly READY TO RACE, the customer version of the KTM factory rally machine, the KTM 450 RALLY REPLICA, is almost identical to those ridden by Dakar winners Walkner, Toby Price and Sam Sunderland. This new bike now enjoys the technological innovation that propelled the Austrian firm to further Dakar success in 2018, with a completely new design from the ground up that has been specifically developed for rally racing.

The 450cc SOHC fuel-injection engine now provides increased engine power, thanks to a newly designed cylinder head, extended durability and an improved transmission that are complemented by a new engine management system, which includes a newly developed throttle body. A new air filter box offers more room for the electrics and battery whilst also enhancing the centralization of masses – a key point in the development of this new machine. The 2019 KTM 450 RALLY REPLICA enjoys a brand-new chassis, tested and developed with factory riders for the perils and style of Dakar we have seen in recent years, as it combines improved agility with enhanced stability for braking, whilst retaining the incredible straight-line stability that the KTM rally machines are renowned for. A new swingarm in conjunction with a reworked linkage and shock absorber, along with WP XACT PRO 48mm closed cartridge suspension with sophisticated Cone Valve technology, provides improved traction when accelerating, as well as increased bottoming reserves. New bodywork utilizes sophisticated aerodynamics to increase rider comfort while improving the visibility past the innovative carbon tower, which houses the navigational elements of the bike, to the front wheel. A new, softer seat, revised fuel tanks, and new Akrapovic_ exhaust, which also contribute to mass centralization and improved weight distribution, reiterate the design goal of a lightweight, agile, comfortable and stable bike.

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