Jeddah 15 January 2021

Marcel snijders succesfully finishes his 14th Dakar rally. With a fantastic 12th place in the final stage, he navigated his team to a 14th position overall. A fantastic result just out of the top 10 where the professional factory teams are lined up.

The last days where tough and long and required good navigation skills, which alowed Marcel to outform many of the competitors and have his team climb further in the ranking.

"It was a very tough edition this year, and very demanding on the people and the vehicles. We are very excited about finishing and proud on our result" thus Marcel from Jeddah just prior to the podium ceremony.

Please enjoy these photos and the fantastic scenery of the toughest rally in the world!

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Broken blades on the rear axel and the next stage on the front axel caused time delay for the truck team. Provisionairy repairs with wooden blocks took lot's of time, and required the team to drive carefully throught the last dune sections of stage 6. With the beams fully on they managed to attack the dunes by night however, and they finished just before the time limit. In stage 7 again suspension problems occured on the front axel, and this has made the team drop a few places more in the overall ranking.

After the marathon stage it will be clear what will be the new overall ranking, but for now finishing seems to be the main target.

Video: During the rest day the team was able to refresh and fix what needed to be fixed. The foorage shows how the bivac looks and gives a sneek peek at the camping facilities.

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With a 14th place finish in stage 4, Snijders showed his experience in the heavy dunes of the last few stages. Especially in stage 3 many competitors had to retreat due to accidents and damages. The good results of the steady pace of the team makes them moving towards the top 10 already.

Foto's: Stage 1 to 4 included many dunes and heavy rocks. Tough on the material, but also on the driving and navigation skills.

Marcel's team assisted some competitors in the race as well trying to get a rolled over truck from the Dakar speed team with driver Van de Heuvel back on its wheels. Unfortunately with no good result.

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