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Le Dakar 2022

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Follow routinier Dakar competitor Marcel Snijders in his race towards the podiums of the toughest rally in the world.

The Dakar is often referred to as the world’s toughest rally, with most of the attention focused on the factory riders battling for victory. But some would say they have it easy compared to the heroes that decide to enter the Malle Moto class. The Dakar rule book simply describes the Malle Moto class as a ‘challenge created for Bike and Quad Riders without ANY KIND OF SERVICE’. What that means exactly is that competitors have to do everything themselves. They ride their bikes, service and prepare their bikes, and receive no outside assistance throughout the event.

Marcel Snijders is one of them. 6 time finisher on a motor, and becoming 3th in the Mall Moto class in 2013, Snijders is determined to complete each Dakar rally that he starts, challenging sand and dunes, mud and fes-fes, always using his navigation skills and rally experience to outperform his competitors. Marcel navigated in cars and trucks as well, and is participating in various other rally's.

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Check the news page to find out about the daily routes, latest news from the race and bivacs, and the performance of our pilot.

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About Marcel

Biography and Dakar history


With his 13th entree Marcel is a true Dakar veteran. With a multiple discipline experience riding a bike and navigating in both the car and truck classes he is considered one of the most experienced riders in the field.

Marcel Snijders in Dakar Rally Dunes

Images of Marcel Snijders in le Dakar


Visit the photo slider to view images of Marcels former Dakar events in Africa and South America.

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